Louis Tomlinson's and Briana Jungwirth's custody battle of the century is about to begin

Louis vs. Briana.

By Sammy Stewart

The custody battle between Louis and Briana over Freddie Reign is getting NASSSSTAYYY. FAST. We scared.

According to sources with a good view of the drama over at TMZ, Louis had always planned on being a hands-on dad and wanted to have an equal role in raising Freddie. However, it seems baby mama is being rather difficult over the matter...

Louis, who has been living in LA and paying a gazillion dollars a week in rent so he can be closer to his bub, is reportedly sick and tired of Briana's "inconsistent" access to Freddie.

To make matters worse, Louis has been sending Briana a MASSIVE $15,000 a month in child support for lil Fredsta.

It's no secret these two haven't been seeing eye-to-eye since the baby drama unfolded. Part of it has to do with Baby Mama getting a bit ~iffy~ about Lou's gf Danielle Campbell. Then there's also the issue of Briana being way too public with Freddie, which really annoyed Louis' mama.

Once the matter is taken to court (which is happening pretty damn soon) a new and ~fair~ child support amount will be set, while Louis will also be looking to receive equal time to spend with Freddie.

We're hoping this gets sorted, cos the more time Freddie spends with his daddy means the better chonce of him picking up that sassy-as-hell Yorkshire accent.