Louis Tomlinson's mum's dying wish will make you cry forever


By Jessica Lynch

We know that Louis Tomlinson’s dear, sweet mum Johannah Deakin passed away at the young age of 43 after battling leukemia, but what we didn’t know (until now), was that her dying wish to the Just Hold On singer was to finally patch things up with Zayn.

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As we know, the pair had a bit of a falling out after Z left the One Direction boys, and they later put beef on the grill in the form of Twitter insults directed at one another.

"My mum said: ‘You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn. Life’s too f*g short’,” Louis revealed to The Sun.

"A mother’s intuition is just f*g crazy. It always felt supernatural to me. My mum always knew what I was feeling and what I wanted. I can’t stand to hold a grudge with anyone. It doesn’t sit with me right.”

"If there is any animosity, just clear the air. I met up with him and it was nice," he added.

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Apart from legit drowning in our own tears rn over this, we totally agree with her.

We really hope after catching up the boys can repair their friendship, not only 'cos we miss their bromance more than anything, but so Johannah's wish can be honoured.

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