Louis has apparently been BANNED from Briana’s house

Y’know, the one he pays for.

By Amber Manto

Been a while since the old rumour mill had a good churning when it comes to Briana + Louis but boy do we have a doozy for you today.

Word has that Mama Bri is not happy Louis 1) introduced bb Freddie to his bae Danielle after she specifically told him not to 2) Brought Danielle along when he was picking up Freddie from Bri's house.

As such Bri has apparently BANNED him from rocking up at her place anymore.

Her place - a three-bedroom home in Calabasas, California - that he pays for.

At least, that's what ~mysterious insiders~ claim.

"Their relationship has hit rock bottom. He is not welcome at Briana or her family's homes anymore," a source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper.

In a ways it could explain why Louis was spotted picking up Freddie in random Starbucks car park over the weekend, so Fredster could enjoy a couple hours of dad time...

And again, the same thing a couple days later.

This might just be a case of convenience, co-parenting can be tough and all so maybe it's easier to meet halfway. But still, there might also be a grain of truth to this rumour...

Let's not forget she DID just unfollow him on Insta and later follow Hazza so things are definitely not 100% between Fredster's parents rn.