Lucy Hale encourages us to embrace our quirks

What makes you different is what makes you cool.

We adore Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars, but it's always nice when you find out that your fave characters are played by genuinely awesome people, also.

Speaking to press recently, Lucy was asked what beauty advice she had for her young fans. Check out this flaw-free response:

“I don’t think young girls are told enough that what makes you different is what makes you cool. I didn’t really feel that way when I was younger and had big eyebrows and braces, but that’s unconventionally beautiful,” she said.

Lucy then backed it up, saying “I wish girls could embrace their quirks a little more, because I’ve always thought that the stranger-looking people are the most beautiful, and most confident. Plus, I think it would be boring if we all looked the same.”


Embrace your individuality, y'all. You are legit all flawless in our eyes!

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