Lucy Hale tattooed her hair and #WOT?

We need this.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Lucy Hale has hair tattoos

When you run out of colours to dye your hair and ways to change up your 'do, the next best solution is obviously to tattoo your hair, right?

Don't worry, we had no idea this was a thing either.

Leave it to the hair queen, Lucy Hale, to show us this newest trend. When she was styled for Teen Vogue, the hair stylist applied HAIR TATTOOS, and they are 2die4.

And no, this doesn't mean that you go into your local tattoo parlour and ask them to tattoo your head. Plz.

This method is a lot less painful, but hella chic.

So, how does it work? Well it's not so different from applying temporary tattoos! Stylist Kristin Ess told Teen Vogue, "Place them in a spot you wouldn’t be touching all night. Also, you’ll want to wear your hair in a secure way that isn’t going to move and shake and break up the tattoo. Ponytails, buns, half-up, or even a style that’s been bobby-pinned into place is ideal.”

Obvs, lock that goodness in with some hairspray, and get Instagramming!!