Phoebe Tonkin has become Lucy Hale's tour guide while she's here in Australia

WHAT a duo.

It’s Lucy Hale’s first time in Australia, so when it came to finding out the best things to do the Pretty Little Liars babe turned to her friend, who happens to be Australian and also super cool. That friend is Phoebe Tonkin. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had Phoebe as a friend to tell us where to go?

Anyway, as expected, Phoebe didn’t tell Lucy, who’s here to meet lucky PLL fans at two Supernova events in Brisbane and Adelaide, to hold a koala or make friends with a kangaroo – she’s already done that, BTW – but gave her the cool girl’s guide to Sydney.

So what was on this list? Lucy told Kyle and Jackie O this morning, “I know Phoebe Tonkin, and actually I was just checking my Instagram before I got on the phone, and she had written me a list of stuff to do.”

“She told me to go to Bondee Beach Fish?”

She’s so cute we die. Jackie corrected her, “Oh, North Bondi Fish!”

“And then she said go to Glenmore Road to shop?” Lucy went on.

Mm-hmm, yep, sounds like Phoebe’s got her onto a good thing.

And finally: “Then The Boatshed? She’s really given me some good stuff!”

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Lucy, if you need company going to any of these places, call us!