Luke Hemmings’ GF Arzaylea apparently “called security” over a 5SOS fan at a concert

A fangirl tells her side of the story...

Buckle up kids, you’re in for a wild ride…

Luke Hemmings’ not confirmed ~girlfriend~ Arzaylea hasn’t quite hit it off very well with the fandom, and has yet to receive her “mom” title, particularly now.

Fans are claiming that Arzaylea recently got her diva on and called security at a Blackbear show, where Luke also happened to be hanging out.


In an epic Twitter tale of betrayal and heartbreak, quite a few 5SOS fam members tell their side of the story about how Arzaylea ordered them to be “removed” by security.

It’s very dramatic and may tug at the feels so we recommend you grab some popcorn and snacks prior to reading.

Taking to Twitter to explain the accounts of the evening, user @_lukesbigbanana told how she spotted Luke at the concert, “I wanted to get my best friend his follow cause she is a huge Luke girl and has been trying so hard for his follow. So I asked him if he can follow my friend on Twitter... He opened his Twitter but couldn't really hear me so I typed in her name and he followed her.”


"As I got my camera up this security guard out of nowhere pulled me away from him and was like 'you need to leave' and 'leave him alone we don't want people knowing he is here'... my sister told me she seen arzaylea go get security on me when I was talking to Luke.”

"I looked to my right and seen arzaylea walking my way and as I made eye contact with her she literally looked me up and down and laughed at me and rolled her eyes and looked away making a disgusted face so then I felt ever worse.”

Our guess, something like this:

Followed by:

note: GIFS may be not be accurate representation of story, we just really love the Little Mermaid FYI

Dang, we really hope this has been exaggerated, cos’ DANG.

What do you think about all of this dramz? Let us know! XOXO

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