STOP EVERYTHING! Luke Hemmings has a doppelgänger

Guys it actually worked! Our collective prayers have been answered. happy dance

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Yes, we’re quoting Queen’s Freddie Mercury because the moment has arisen where our daydreams have fused with reality as there is a LUKE HEMMINGS LOOKALIKE ROAMING THE PLANET. We repeat. A LUKE HEMMINGS LOOKALIKE. 'Scuse the caps but this is the most exciting news we’ve heard all day (and it’s also Monday afternoon so we’re slightly delusional).

So what do we know about his doppelgänger?

His name is Alessandro Guerra. Awesome. He plays guitar. Amazing. He does 5SOS covers. Incredible. He likes punk-rock music. fist pump. We’re pretty sure he has a girlfriend. less enthusiastic fist pump

But anyway, after extensive, extensive hours of research poring over their Instagram photos, we present you the evidence to take a look for yourselves.

Here is Luke on the left.

And now Luke is on the right.

Here’s Luke on the right again, sorry, we mean Alessandro on the right.

They even have matching red caps (Lukey is on the left).

Here are the boys rockin’ the ‘we’ve just stuck a fork in a toaster’ hair ‘do (FYI Luke is on the left).

See what we mean?! It's uncanny!

What a wonderful world we live in.