Maddie Ziegler has a boyfriend and they're so cute together

She's growin' up.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Maddie Ziegler has a boyfriend

It's hard to imagine Maddie Ziegler all grown up, since we were all introduced to her during Dance Moms when she was so itty bitty!

But, she's a young-woman now and we think she may have found herself a boyfriend.

Maddie recently shared a bathroom selfie (how intimate) of her sitting on a (very cute) guys lap. She captioned the pic, "missing you ❤" and he even posted the same photo on his Instagram, writing,"Miss my girl ❤."

Couldn't be more offish, really.

The lucky guy goes by the name Jack Kelly, and he's actually Aussie! The pair met in January when Maddie was in Australia for a tour, and they even posted pics back then.

Well, they're bloody cute aren't they?!

Long live #Jaddie.