Maddie Ziegler spills the deets on her upcoming role in Pretty Little Liars

And the pics she shared on Instagram will give you nightmares.

Maddie Ziegler spills the dets on her upcoming role in Pretty Little Liars

Maddie Ziegler's star rating is on the up and up. Not just because she's one of the stars of Dance Moms and also Sia's partner in crime, but because her latest role in Pretty Little Liars means she’s definitely going to be sticking around on our radar.

Maddie spoke to Seventeen about her guest appearance on PLL and revealed a few things about what we can expect from her performance and the new season.

First up, there’s dancing involved.

Now this isn’t exactly a bombshell seeing as it’s kind of Maddie’s thing, we just wonder if it’ll be as creepy as her role in Sia’s “Chandelier” film clip. Our money’s on yes.


Maddie also let slip she filmed her scene with Troian Bellisario, aka Spencer Hastings.

"The scene was just with Troian. She's really amazing!" Maddie said.

"She helped me get into character. It's different than what most people would think I'd be doing on the show as a little girl. Obviously the show's creepy though so it fits in.”

Troian also shared this eerie-looking photo of Maddie her Insta account.

Oh Gawd, we're getting nightmares already.

"I got most of my inspiration from my hair, my make-up, and the set - that really helped me get into character; I didn't really practice for it," revealed Maddie.

"It's definitely going to creep everyone out. We had to be really serious. I wish I could say more!"

Our advice? Watch with a friend.