Maddie Ziegler might trade in her dancing shoes FOREVS!?


sheds a little tear

Yeah we were sad but we knew it wouldn't be the last we'd see her dance. And luckily we were right, she's in Sia's latest film clip for her new song "Cheap Thrills" and as always is #incred (check out the vid above).

That makes it four from four with Maddie having starred in Sia's other film clips for “Chandelier,” “Big Girls Cry” and “Elastic Heart”.

But in a new interview with Hunger magazine Maddie admits she wants to be known for MORE than just her ~flawless~ dance moves, and has her sights firmly set on Hollywood. In fact, she'd happy hang up her dancing shoes for a leading movie role.

“I don’t want to always be seen as a reality TV person. I want people to see that there’s more that I can do, and that’s why I’m heading into acting," she tells the mag.

That dream may already have come true somewhat, with Maddie set to star in an upcoming film The Book of Henry alongside Noami Watts. However it's just a supporting role, and Maddie wants a lead... in other words she has a more work to do before then.

So does this mean this film clip is the last we'll see of Maddie dancing for a while?! If so then we'll enjoy every move thank you very much. XOXO

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