Maddie Ziegler spills on the weirdest gift she ever got from a fan

Just plain odd!

By Jessica Lynch

We’ve heard of celebs receiving a whole bunch of weird gifts from their fans; things like underwear, teddies, a scrapbook of their entire lives…

But while some gifts can be creepy or just plain gross, Maddie Ziegler’s strangest fan present was when she was nine-year-old, and it’s just plain odd.

"It was when I first started meeting fans, and [people] started to realise who I was. This girl brought me this huge box, and I was like 'Aw, thanks,' and she goes, 'Will you open it right now in front of me?'" she told Galore.

"I was like, 'Yeah, sure.' I opened it and it was this big grandfather clock with my name engraved in it, it was the creepiest thing. It was just weird. Why would you give a grandfather clock to a nine-year-old?"

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Hey, we’d take a clock over a dead rabbit like Avril Lavigne once got…