Madison Beer breaks her silence on leaked Jack Gilinsky audio tape

I tried to fix him.

By Jessica Lynch

ICYMI: A disturbing audio leak of Jack Galinsky verbally abusing ex-girlfriend Madison Beer surfaced over the weekend.

In the clip, what’s believed to be Jack's voice can be heard calling someone a "f------ slut," as well as "Guess what, who can get any girl they f------ want?" A female voice is also heard in the audio, saying "You're not my boyfriend anymore" and "go away."

Jack then released a statement via Twitter on Monday confirming that the leaked audio was in fact him and Madison and apologising for the comments.

“There’s no justifying the words that came out of my mouth in that audio file," he wrote. "In no way do I stand behind who I was in that part of my life. But people change and learn from their mistakes. The clip you’ve all heard is from last year. I was in a very dark place, and clearly had no control over my emotions. It’s painful for me because most people think that this clip is current and is an accurate representation of where Madison and I stand today, when that is far from the truth. Like any couple, Mad and I have had our fair share of ups and downs, this clip specifically being one of our lowest points."

While fans tweeted in droves to the singer voicing their love and support, Madison remained silent until today, where she wrote a heartfelt thank you in a now-deleted post.

“Many of you [have been] asking me ‘Why would you stay with him if it happened last year!,’ Madison wrote in a note on Twitter, “My theory was, and as horrible as this is, is that if I left him, he’d do it to the next girl. I tried to fix him.”

“We have both grown and changed so much at this point and it has been an extremely difficult thing to relive / even go thru … and I hope ALL of my fans learn from my foolishness. If someone is mistreating you in ANY way please speak up,” she continued. “Don’t make the same mistakes I did, your safety is never worth it. No matter what, no one deserves to be treated that way.”
Since deleting the post, she’s responded to fan messages, as well again thanking them for ‘uplifting her’.

We’re glad that she’s moved on from her heartbreak and has the unwavering support of all her fans to keep her head up!

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