Madison Beer is being shamed for having a period leak and #NOPE

She's epically clapped back at the haters.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Madison Beer claps back at haters who shun her for period leak

Every girls worst nightmare: having a period leak. But FYI, sometimes the flow is heavy AF and it just happens.

But it's okay, because we're human. Right? Well, according to this trolls, it's not okay. To be shamed for having a period leak is beyond mental, but it actually happened to Madison Beer..

Gurl was at the beach with her boyfriend/Vine star Jack Gilinksy in a ~gorj~ white bikini, when paparazzi shot her being held up by him. And yeah, you can see the leak, but it's NBD!!!

Unfortunately, Madison has had to defend herself to haters who have called her 'gross' and even accused her of setting it up for attention.

PLZ, who the heck would want that sort of embarrassment just for attention?! Face-palm.

"I just laugh so hard at the people who say 'She wore white on purpose! She did this for attention!'" the response read. "Like, what girl wouldn't be embarrassed from their period leaking? ESPECIALLY leaking on the internet and having thousands of people make fun of u," she wrote.

We're pretty proud of her for speaking to openly about it and defending herself. It's just sad to see that people would shame somebody so hard for something like this.

What's worse is that most of the comments came from girls - who understand what getting their period is like.

Disappointment level: 100.