Madison Beer's mum has spoken out about Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing her daughter

She wrote a reply to his apology statement on Instagram.

By Jessica Lynch

Just one day after Madison Beer broke her silence on the disturbing audio leaked which showed ex-boyfriend Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing her, the singer’s mum Tracie has reached out to her daughter’s former flame.

After Jack took to social media to reveal his regret over the incident, Tracie replied to the 20-year-old saying she forgives him for his mistakes.

"As upsetting as it was to hear you speak to @madisonbeer that way it was also so upsetting to hear that audio leaked & read all the derogatory comments towards you!" she wrote on his Instagram post.

"You know how I feel about you," she continued. "You're a kind, well raised young man who spoke in anger which took me over 30 years to realize you should never do."

Tracie goes on to say: "Like you said, there is no excuse for your actions but you are human & like us all you made a mistake," she wrote. "For whatever it's worth I forgive you, given hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson! This too shall pass Jackalindo."

Let’s hope Jack DID learn a valuable lesson on treating people with respect after this whole saga.