This ~glorious~ mashup will make you unleash your inner boss kween


By Amber Manto

It sure has been a loooong time between mashups, so you can imagine our delight when this little ripper of a tune surfaced on the interwebz this morning.

Some musical genius weaved their magic and created this banger Salute, Chains, Bang Bang Mashup featuring takes a deep breathe Little Mix, Nick Jonas , Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J.

Miraculously, even with this many artists, it manages to sound like an actual legit proper song, not some sort of B-grade remix.

But enough of our rambling, have a listen above and get ready to have a sudden craving for toast cause you'll need something to go with this JAAAAAM.

If you loved what you heard, listen to the full version here. Quick, before the internet police takes it down!