Meghan Trainor was photoshopped so much in her new music video she's almost unrecognisable

This is a little extreme...

By Bianca Mastroianni

Meghan Trainor has gone and done something ~epic~ to make a statement about positive body image - she's pulled her new music video Me Too off the internet.

After seeing the finished product, Megz noticed a few (a lot) of changes made in Photoshop to her bod.

Ahhh, can ya not?

Being the kween she is, she posted a side-by-side comparison on her Instagram to show just how ridiculously far they took it.

Meghan appeared on Howard Stern's XM radio show to clarify WTH happened.

She asked the editors to fix her peach fuzz (we've all been there) but she "never said, like, cut off my rib."


It's like when you ask the hairdresser for a couple centimetres off and end up bald.

She proceeded to call her label and tell them to "'Take this video down. I don't care what it takes. Take it down."

"I'm the poster child for no Photoshop," she explained to Howard. "That's my thing. I was skinnier than those dancers, who are also very skinny, so when you do that everyone knows that ain't real."

She's ALL about that bass.