ALERT: Mikey Clifford has a bloody girlfriend

How did we miss this?

By Bianca Mastroianni

God almighty, do we love us a slice of Michael Clifford on a Thursday morning*.

*Any morning.

It's no secret that DOLLY has the biggest crush on Mikey from 5SOS, but didja know he's actually taken? We had our suspicions, but now it's been #confirmed.

News comes from Mikey's good mate Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boys lead singer. Speaking to NME, Pete spoke all things girlfriends and collaborating with 5SOS.

"I'm sure we'd be open to it if they wanted. I see Michael [Clifford] a lot, his girlfriend is good friends with my girl"

Doing some fantastic Instagram stalking, we searched Pete's GF Meagan Camper, had a look at her "following" and found Crystal Leigh, the same gal Mikey hung out with in Jan when he was in Bali.

We ship it.