Adam DeVine gets 3000% candid about his bromance with Zac Efron


Didn't manage to catch Zac Efron AND Adam DeVine's flick Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates in the cinemas? No worries! To celebrate the DVD release of the LOL film inspired by actual historic events, we caught up with Adam and learnt quite a bit about half of the film's leading man...

When did you first hear Mike and Dave’s story? Did you hear about it at the time?

I didn’t. I told one of my best friends the idea for the script and I said, “Evidently this is a real story.” He was like, “Dude, I know that story; I saw the clip of them on the Today Show, it was hilarious.”

What was so cool about this movie was that it says, at the beginning, “Based on a true story.” People are for sure going to think we’re lying. People will be saying, “This is illegal! We’ve gotta sue! The movie people are lying to us.”

They say that you got an audience at a stand-up gig to chant “Mike and Dave” into a camera because you wanted this job so badly...

Yeah, I did this show on tour last year, when they were deciding who to cast. They were going to come back with a decision Monday. I was in Washington, D.C. with this awesome crowd that had braved a blizzard to come out – 2000 people. At the end of the show, I was like, “Guys, there’s this movie I really want, but they don’t think I have enough fans, and enough people don’t know me. Can you please chant, ‘Mike & Dave’ for me?” They were all so cool and they all chanted. My buddy Kyle, who I mentioned before, he went on the road with me as my assistant and he taped it with an iPhone, and I’m so proud of his DP work.

What kind of guy is Mike? How much of him is based on the real guy?

I’m not going to say they’re similar, because I played him pretty dumb. I think the real world would be pretty offended by that. We took the story that they told, and not necessarily the characters. These guys are basically just fun-loving party guys. Hanging out with them, they’re not really trying to offend anyone. They’re not mean drunks; they’re just fun party guys.

That’s how Zac and I tried to play them. With Mike especially, we flipped the roles, because I’m a couple of years older than Zac. In real life it’s the other way around. I thought the dynamic of playing Mike and having Zac Efron as your younger brother, what that would be like. He’s a little bit smarter and obviously a moderate amount better looking… I mean, a moderate amount. I’m not going to say a whole lot.

Having him be this human Zeus of a man, and to have that be your little brother – the insecurities that come with that must be quite interesting. Everything must have come a little easier for him. I tried to bring a lot of that into the character of Mike. I’m not sure the real Mike and Dave have that same dynamic.

Did you know Zac at all before you did the movie?

We’ve become really good friends through this. A lot of times you shoot something and you’re with someone for a month or two, and you become friendly with them, but then you get back to LA and your regular life and you drift apart. I think Zac and I are going to be cool, weird old people that are like, “Come on over and let’s play Bridge.” That’s what old people do, right?

Anna seems to be playing a character that is so far from her true personality...

And isn’t she great at it? I think she’s going to be the Meryl Streep of our generation. She’s the actress who you’ll look back at her career and realize she can do anything. She truly can do it all, and it’s pretty incredible. It really is a four-hander, this movie, which is really nice. We lucked out on having two of the funniest young actresses you can get in a movie. On top of them being great in the movie, they’re also really fun people to hang out with. If you’re going to be stuck in Hawaii for two and a half months, you want to be there with Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick.

Interview by Joe Utichi

The hilarious Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates is new to Blu-ray and DVD or get it HERE on iTunes