You've got to see this #throwback of Miley Cyrus

We’re talking pre-Hannah Montana days here, people.

By Erin Van Der Meer

There’s no shame in a dorky childhood snapshot – we’ve all got ‘em! – and Miley Cyrus knows it.

Miley posted a photo of herself on Instagram from when she was just a wee little one, and it’s so adorkable it hurts.

The hoops! She looks way too young for them, but you know at the time little Miley felt all grown up with her big hoops in.

The glitter eyeshadow! Unquestionably one of the biggest makeup trends of the nineties, if your mum didn’t force you to rub it off before you left the house. Tish Cyrus didn’t, clearly.

And oh, those hair rollers. Or perm rods, as some call them. Beauty is pain, people. Beauty is pain.

Speaking of celebrities as kids, you did see the video montage of Kim Kardashian’s childhood Kanye West made for her birthday, right?

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au