So Miley Cyrus has gone country now

And she's got a super sweet new song about her dad

By Jessica Lynch

We’re still finding it hard to believe that this new wholesome, soft-spoken, beach babe looking Miley Cyyrus is the very same girl we saw twerking on stage with Robin Thicke back in 2013.

Now, with the release of her latest slow country tune ‘Inspired’, she’s moved even further away from her OTT image and cementing her transition into a new era.
Performing on the US Today Show, she belted out the new tune to the crowd, the sweet lyrics revealed the track is about her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

"He somehow has a way of knowing what to say, so when I'm feeling sad, he makes me feel inspired," she sings. "Pull the handle on the door that opens up to change. I know that sounds so strange, cuz you've always felt so small. But know you aren't at all, and I hope you feel inspired."

It marks a massive change in Miley’s world, with mum Tish Cyrus revealing the singer is in a way happier place these days.

“I think she’s just grown into this place that she’s so happy and knows who she is,” Tish told E! News,

“She really does truly know what’s important and what matters,” Brandi added.

“That doesn’t mean overworking herself and being on tour all year anymore. That means her family, her life at home, her animals and making the music that she really loves. I think that’s something that comes with age when you start to realize that, and she’s there. That’s why she’s so happy I think.”

“I think Miley is so real. Every stage that you see her in is truly the stage of her life that she’s in. She’s just in such a great space. She’s so happy and I think the music really reflects that.”

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