Miley Cyrus hosts the Ellen Show and she #NailedIt

Just in time for Cat Week.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Usually, if you are set to go see Ellen on her show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and find out she's called in sick, you'd be pretty bummed.

But bae has quite an extensive contact list, so getting in Miley Cyrus to fill in her shoes for the show was basically the best damn idea she's ever had.


Miley clearly slayed, opening with a ~classic~ Ellen bop, and stating to the crowd that:

“I know all of you came to see Ellen, so I’m gonna do my best to make you very happy. I’m dressed like her, I smell like her, just before I came out here I actually kissed a girl so, uh, thank you,” Miley told the crowd. “Thank you for staying. I’ll admit I’m a little bit nervous because I’ve never hosted a show with my clothes on before so this is so weird.”

She just bein' Miley...