#NashGrierIsOverParty Is Trending on Twitter and is anyone not over anymore?

But to be fair this is bloody horrible.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Kim Kardashian ended Taylor Swift. Selena Gomez ended Justin Bieber... both of which were funny because they were over petty dramas.

Just yesterday #CharliePuthIsOverParty was trending on Twitter after a Puthinator harshly tweeted him to which he replied with a simple "die".

Now a similar and pretty disturbing thing has gone down with Nash Grier, BUT he has totally confirmed it's fake. Regardless, this is bloody horrible.

This isn't the first time Nash has been accused of making awful comments. In January Ariel Winter called him out for being "homophobic" and "ignorant". Damn son.

Fans are on a hunt to basically #End everyone and they're bloody partying about it. #RIP everyone.