Scream Queens officially has a premiere date

Plus a new cast member has been revealed.

Update: 26/06/15

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: Scream Queens has a premiere date!

Emma Robert revealed when it would air in the US on Instagram. Which HOPEFULLY means it will land in Aus very soon after.

Three months?! That's a WHOLE season! How many times can we re-watch and overanalyse the same trailer until then? Well, we guess we'll find out.

And in other exciting Scream Queens goss, Charisma Carpenter has been cast to play Ariana Grande's mother in the show.

Psst Charisma starred as Cordelia Chase in Buffy for you vampire buffs out there:

So much sass! We love it.

According to Deadline, Charisma might have a "potential recurring role" which means Ariana could be in the show for the long haul. Yasssss.


In what has got to be one the most drawn-out bits of TV promo work in the history of time, a new teaser trailer for Scream Queens has been released and it looks TERRIFYING. Cue the Jaws music.

In the clip, Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Lea Michele are mingling at a college party (shout out to the red party cups) while a knife-toting dude in a red devil costume watches from the outside.

We’re equal parts scared, curious and excited to finally watch Scream Queens when it airs (hopefully in September).