Niall Horan crashes a 5SOS interview like a starstruck fanboy

Nialler proves once again that he is 5SOS’ biggest fan.

Did you know that Niall Horan has a sixth sense where he can detect the whereabouts of 5 Seconds of Summer and magically appear?

Well, that’s not entirely factual but based on our ~evidence~ we can confirm that Niall Horan is 5SOS’ #1 fan.

In the aftermath of their ~sLaYiNg~ rendition of “Hey Everybody” at the AMAs yesterday, Michael and Luke stopped backstage for a quick post-performance interview.

Luke expressed his #goals of walking the red carpet barefoot so he can “feel the carpet between my toes”, while Michael kept asking if he was allowed to swear and really wanted to talk about Fetty Wap. #TheNorm.

Just as we were enjoying the company of Mikey and Luke, none other than lil Nialler pops his head up out of nowhere, with a chipper, “HELLO!”

What follows is plenty of lovingly gazes, fanboy giggles, epic compliments and stacks of man-hugs.

Nialler even puts on his best Aussie accent for a moment and assumingly forgets which band he’s in.

“We all love each other”, he says before he has to leave to perform with his actual band. tear


Check out the cute-fest ~below~.