Niall Horan went to the tennis and spotted an Ashton Irwin lookalike and fangirled

Niall’s reaction is literally us.

We over here at the DOLLY office love nothing more than a top knotch celebrity lookalike, because a) it gives us hope that maybe we could marry a less famous version of Harry Styles and b) totally confirms that the Vampire Diaries is based on true events.

Anyhow, during a day out at the US Open, Niall had one of those slight panic attacks you get when you think you see your BFF at Westfields when he noticed that the ball boy looked EXACTLY like 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin.

What Nialler did next proves that he is actually all of us; he whipped out his phone, took a photo, and then posted it on twitter for the world to see and save as their lock screen #ASHTONLOOKALIKEALERT #THISISNOTADRILL.

At this point in the game, Niall was still freaking out and probably wondering whether he should yell out Ashton’s name, but anyone who’s been to the tennis before will know that the arena is generally pretty silent.

Eventually Ashton cleared the air and revealed that it sadly wasn’t him helping Djokovic on the court, but hinted to Nialler that it has always been his goal to be a ball boy.

Great stuff.

Now, fan girls around the world, put your ~lookalike~ goggles on and keep an eye out for a tall guy with sandy blonde hair wearing tennis shorts and potentially a headband.