5SOS’ Ashton Irwin calls out Niall Horan for his laziness

Ashton and Niall are being adorable Twitter buddies, again.

Niall Horan and Ashton Irwin have a friendship that goes wayyyyyyyyy back. Just like any regular best buddies, they support each other (particularly 5SOS’ #1 fan, Niall) and have even mistaken total strangers for one another.

Anyways, over the Easter weekend - like literally all of us - Niall spent his time watching TV and binging on Easter eggs, as you do.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the UK, a very busy/tired/hardworking Ashton was busy preparing for 5SOS’ European leg of their Sounds Live Feels Live tour, and he just wasn’t feeling Niall’s slack work ethic...

Not long after Niall tweeted back an actual LOL, and if you listen carefully you can actually hear his signature laugh…

Oh you boys! Pls reunite ASAP and give us a new Nashton selfie. XOXO

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