Niall Horan has finally gotten the birthday surprise he deserved

It's taken 23 years.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Leave it to Niall Horan to always get the short end of the stick, god bless him.

Bae just celebrated his 23rd birthday, and lucky guy got surprised with a hacking on his Instagram the day of! #OhNoNiall.

But that ain't what we're here for. This is good news! Hooray!

Unlike the rest of the One Direction fellas, who have gotten extravagant birthday cakes of their special day, Niall always got stuck with something like this:

The definition of tragic really.

But finally this year, some good sort figured it was about time Niall got a cracker of a cake, and boy does it look delicious. Can we take a moment to appreciate the pure JOY ON HIS LITTLE FACE?!


HBD Neil. ILY. Xxx.