BREAKING: Niall may have just dyed his hair

And everyone is losing their chill.

We don't want to alarm anybody (too much) but the latest footage of Niall arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles have sparked a full-blown MELTDOWN because of well...his hair.

As we already know, our bby boi Niall is a ~natural brunette~ and it seems after his Chrissy break, he has really gone back to his #Rootz back home (geddit?)

Although his gorgeous locks are covered under a baseball cap, some suspiciously dark hair is poking out of the bottoms...WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

P.S We are glad to see he hit the Turkey hard over Christmas, there's just more of him to love...you can call him Niall MORE-an™

But back to the important issues...Niall told The Sun in November that he had srs hair plans for his hiatus.

"I did think about dyeing my hair brown so I won't get recognized, but I genuinely believe that if I'm on my own with my mates from home, no one will give me a second look."

Meanwhile, the fandom aren't coping well with this new revelation:

Lookin' bomb Niall.

WATCH: We can't get over how good Niall looks in glasses <3