Niall Horan had five words to say about that latest Freddie pic

Our Irish Prince has spoken.

By Amber Manto

It had been quite a while since the fandom was blessed with a pic of Freddie but yesterday Louis gifted us all with this ah-dorable snap..

This is just one of many pics Papa Lou has uploaded of his precious bb, but the 1D lads have always remained pretty low-key about the whole thing rarely, if ever, commenting.

However yesterday Uncle Niall just loved this pic too much to stay quiet and really, who could blame him?

“That a boy Freddie son” he wrote.

You read that in Neil’s accent, yeah us too.

All we need now is a Freddie, Louis and Niall selfie and our lives will be 94% better. Considering both of them are in LA right now (Niall arrived at LAX this morning) it’s not too much of a stretch to believe it could actually happen too.