A One Direction member has just confirmed the BEST.NEWS.EVER!

Lets put this hiatus nonsense behind us.

By Bianca Mastroianni

The hardest thing we have ever done, other than accepting Zayn wanted out of 1D, was realising that the band was going on a long, cold, hiatus.

The worst part about it has been that the 'break' somehow turned into a 'breakup.'

All four boys have taken different directions (sorry), with Liam most likely expecting twins, Harry becoming a movie-star, Louis actually becoming a dad, and Niall being the first to break as a solo artist. BUT, it's Niall that is 3,000% on our side here, confirming the best.

Billboard reports that Niall spoke to British paper, Sunday People, saying that, "We will be back. We would be silly not to ... ridiculous."


Honestly our love for Niall has never been so strong, he really is the glue that keeps those boys together.