Niall Horan is an IRL angel and here's the proof...

Saint Horan.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear tight white flared pants and #OWN IT!

But now Niall has replaced his tighty whities for some wings and a halo because he's partnered up with The Kate and Justin Rose Foundation to help fight childhood hunger.

He's also teamed up with Irish Autism Action to raise money for both causes - our prince.

God bless u Neil.

You can get yourself one of these snazzy limited-edition tees (or a hoodie) to support the cause.

TBH why wouldn’t you want a shirt with Niall jammin’ on his guitar?!

Niall debuted the shirts on his Instagram with the caption: “Here it is! My first ever limited edition charity t-shirt that I designed in support of the Kate and Justin Rose Foundation and Irish Autism Action. This shirt is only available for 2 weeks! Support these two great causes and get yours here: www.represent.com/store/Niall

Wanna feel like you’re warm and cuddly in one of Niall’s own snug hoodies? Then this is the version for you.

Would legit never take these off.

Neil forever <3