Did Niall Horan just friendzone Ellie Goulding online?

And the scandal is relevant again!

By Bianca Mastroianni

Everyone in the 1D fandom knew about the ~scandal~ that was Ellie Goulding x Niall Horan x Ed Sheeran.

Basically, the most unlikely love triangle ever.

Niall and Ellie were 3000% a thing once upon a time, and it seems like they have stayed friends. Since Ellie, Niall has has many rumoured baes but no ~confirmed~ relationships...

Neil's latest Instagram post was taken at England's biggest music festival, Glastonbury - and it paints a very telling picture about their relationship status.

He posted a pic of Ellie performing, captioned: "Yesterday I watched my best friend play main stage at Glastonbury. She killed it as always, so happy for her!"

UMM adorable, but we can't help but notice the use of the word "best friend."

Not sure if we know anyone ever who has been BEST friends with an ex (we sure know we haven't). Maybe Ellie still has a ~thing~ for Niall - who wouldn't, and he just publicly friendzoned her.

Maybe he has been friend zoned, which is why he called her his best friend.

Maybe Niel misses 1D so badly, he has to go to an ex for a best friend. The possibilities are endless. What is certain though, is that Niall is a damn good guy.