Niall Horan has been injured!


Niall Horan's random golf injury

Niall Horan is one to be open with his fans and his latest Snapchat photo is proof he is down to share everything, even his injuries. The singer shared a close-up shot of a painful-looking blister on his finger, which he had to suffer through while he played a round of golf.

Those little suckers might not seem like that big of a deal, but they can really hurt, especially since Niall was holding a golf club and using his hands a lot. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with his guitar playing skills, since he is currently recording music for his debut album!

In case you were wondering why exactly Niall decided to share this part of his life with the world — or at least with his many Snapchat followers — he has been known to not shy away from posting photos of this nature. There was that time he showed off the artwork his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson created on the scar the "This Town" singer has on his knee from when he underwent knee surgery

And he's shared how he struggles with acid reflux, a condition that can affect his throat and voice on Snapchat courtesy of a selfie he took mid-procedure.

Niall is an open book and the fact that he's always so willing to share the not-so-glamorous parts of his life is what makes him beautiful — err, we mean wonderful. You get it, he's simply a gem to us all, in so many ways.