Niall Horan has a new girlfriend?!

And it isn’t us (again) sobs.

So despite Niall Horan never actually admitting he dated Melissa Whitelaw (the internet reckons they did so it must have been true, right?!), rumour has it that they split up after a three-month romance.

And Niall the sly ol' baker boy hat-wearing dawg has been hitting the town hard since. From princess-twirling Little Mix’s Jade to inhaling helium with Ariana Grande (seriously, what a LIFE!), Niall’s now been linked to a third bachelorette: Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's daughter Matilde.

Check out the pics of them together here.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, an insider said that Niall and Matilde had been hanging out recently. WINK

“Niall and Matilde have known each other for a while, but they've been spending more time together recently while he's in London on a break from his world tour,” they revealed.

“Niall is friends with Jose, and is a real football fan, as is Matilde, so they get on really well.”

Let's be real - how could you not get along with a face like this?!

But there's no need to stress just yet girls 'cos there’s a chance you could still be a future Mrs Horan. Niall’s own rep insisted that him and Matilde are “just friends”.

So that's that then. Till next time...

Maybe she doesn't want to date Niall because Niall isn't Harry. Or Liam. Or Louis. Or Zayn. Probably because he's not Zayn, let's be real.