Niall Horan impersonates Cody Simpson on Snapchat

And his Aussie accent is HILARIOUS.

We’re loving this newfound friendship between Niall Horan and Cody Simpson, especially 'cos they've been documenting what they've been getting up to on Snapchat (thanking you, Snapchat creator).

And clearly hanging out with Cody has rubbed off on Niall - judging by Cody's latest Snapchat vid.

Wearing a true blue outback hat and cradling a Stella beer in one hand and a surfboard in the other, Niall busts out his best Cody impersonation and it is PURE GOLD.

How good is Niall's accent? He's practically an honourary Australian.

Now all we need is a snappy of Cody doing the Irish jig and talking about leprechauns and our life will be complete.