Watch a very small boy ROAST Niall Horan about girls, fame and money

This is quality stuff.

By Sammy Stewart

All of the things you've been dying to know about Niall Horan have been answered, thanks to a very small and ~sassy~ young boy by the name of ​Billy.

Sitting down with Nialler, little Billy decided to skip past the boring golf questions and got straight to the ~jUicY~ stuff like, "​What's the most amount of birdies you've had in a week?"

AS you can imagine, Niall was blushing x3000.

Billy also quizzed Neil on how much cash he carries on the reg, and gets a few tips from the 1D babe on how to get a gal.

Low-key the best Niall interview of all time.

Can we hire you, Billy?!