Niall Horan and his ex-girlfriend are totally a thing again


By Bianca Mastroianni

Keeping up with Niall Horan's love-life has proven harder than we ever thought possible.

The Irish prince is a renowned bachelor, and no gal can hold him down!

Okay that's a slight exaggeration, the guy is pretty personal when it comes to these sort of things... but shoot us for wanting to make sure someone is looking after his heart.

The newest (sort of) lady to grab Neil's attention, is his rumoured ex-girlfriend, model, Jessica Serfaty.

After the American Music Awards, Niall was spotted at a concert with Jess.

Coming from her tweets, it seemed that the date went very, very well.

"The ability to sit down with another person and talk for hours, about anything and everything, is more attractive to me than anything else," she tweeted.

Ah, if there's ~anyone~ who we know could talk for hours about anything and everything, it's prince Niall.

The two were then spotted leaving the venue together so, we ain't saying anything but we're also not saying nothing...