Niall Horan just blasted One Direction’s haters in the best way ever

And revealed a secret about the band in the process…

By Matt Galea
Niall Horan just blasted One Direction’s haters

Hey you. Yeah, YOU, reading this.

Are you a One Direction hater?

Well! Niall Horan has message for you and all others like you.

The blonde boy bander told The Mirror that he is sick of people branding the band as "manufactured” and wishes that people would take them seriously.

"I don't think anyone really gives One Direction enough credit you know – in terms of what we were like in the studio,” the Irish singer explained.

"They think 'Here we go, another manufactured lot that don't really write their own stuff', but people would be wrong if they thought that."

Um, accurate! The boys wrote quite a few of their tracks, including the highly successful singles Night Changes and History.

See? There’s some proof for ya!

While Niall “take a chonce” Horan was in the sharing mood, he revealed that the band were low-key terrified while recording their first album back in the day!

“On our first album we were all sh-t scared of the prospect of going into the studio as we have never done it before. But over time you become confident and know what you are good."

Since the band’s hiatus, Niall has been busy working on his solo career. His single This Town, which he wrote, BTW, was pretty damn successful.

It even went Gold here in Australia ‘cos we are maaaaad Niall fan girls!

"Over the last five years I’ve become a good guitarist and I love to play the piano. You learn a lot so it makes it easier this time around,” he continued.

“This time around it was me working closely with producers and knowing what they like in terms of sound and being inspired by different artists and how they would write and in different ways writing songs.”

Couldn’t agree more. You’re killin’ it, Neil!

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