Luke Hemmings and Niall Horan just reunited their beautiful friendship

We wish we were there TBH.

One of the main reasons we cry actual tears when we write 5SOS stories isn’t because of their breathtaking man-beauty. Nope, we wish </3.

It’s actually because we remember all da feels and precious moments they spent with our other baes, One Direction and then get a major case of FOMO.

true story

Yep, it totes sucks that 5SOS and 1D don’t tour together anymore, but that doesn’t mean the boys have lost all contact. Over the weekend, the glorious human that is Luke Hemmings shared this epic photograph that we’re now using as our phone’s wallpaper, featuring the only and only Niall Horan.

The ~handsome~ photo of Luke and Niall gave us and the fandom so much life, we decided to Tumblr-fy it, cos' it's not everyday that these kinda things happen.

One Direction and 5SOS were both in LA for the 2015 American Music Awards and made it a top priority to catch up at Michael Clifford's 20th birthday party. And we’re so glad they did.