Niall Horan can now add 'talent scout' to his résumé

Good guy Niall is back at it again.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Niall has been getting up to a bunch of different activities while on hiatus, that's for sure.

These days he may be a fully-fledged golfing extraordinaire, but he hasn't forgotten his musical roots.

Danny Jones, from the band McFly, revealed to The Sun that Neil has hopes of producing a new musical talent.

Danny Jones & Niall Horan | Twitter
Danny Jones & Niall Horan | Twitter

“Niall text[ed] me the other day actually, saying there was a girl he wants to help out and he wanted me to produce it. He just said, ‘Mate, I’ve got this girl I want to develop. Can you help?’” he said.

Saint Neil.

Who could this ~mysterious~ girl be?! Maybe she'll make an appearance in his Snapchat one day soon...

Watch this space.