There’s a very good chonce Niall and Shawn Mendes could be writing music together

You better clear up some space on your iPod because and make way for this potential banger.

Harry and Liam aren’t the only 1D babes working on some solo stuff…

In between managing his own golfing agency and deciding whether to rock the hat or the glasses, it appears as though lil Nialler has also been making some sweet, sweet music.

Shawn Mendes has hinted at a possible collaboration with Nialler during a chat with Capital FM.

"I met him in America once and he reached out to me over Twitter," Shawn said, explaining that Niall said, “'Give me a text if you're ever interested in writing or whatever."

“He's a really cool guy."

That he is Shawn, that he is.

Fingers crossed that Niall continues to DM Shawn and this friendship turns into a musical masterpiece…

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