Niall Horan sheds light on his plans for a solo career

Is this real life?!

By Amber Manto

UPDATE: 3/6/16
When we heard the rumour Niall was working on some ~solo tunes~ we were like...

Now Neil has spoken out about the rumours he's been spending a lot of time in the studio, explaining he HAS been working on some new tunes.

"Yeah, I've just been in the studio, nothing sneaky, nothing in particular going on." he told Digital Spy.

Ahhhh riiiiight so 1D's no.1 fanboy ain't gonna do a Zayn anytime soon then, hey?

"Writing is always something I've enjoyed, as you know, and I've written with a few of the lads I've made relationships with down the years so I've been able to call up someone, 'Do you wanna write? Yeah, cool, let's go in the studio and write'."

Cool stuff Niall babes. If you do ever wanna drop those recording sessions online sometime for our ears to hear we are more than ready. Meanwhile, keep doing what you can to end this hiatus, k?


Seems being CEO of his own golfing agency...

...taking part in a charity soccer match...

...and being made into a meme just ain’t enough for our Irish Prince.

Although there have been rumours either Hazza or Payno would be first to gift us with some solo stuff, word has it 1D's ultimate fanboy Neil might beat them to it.He’s reportedly been in talks with Syco about securing a solo deal. Just him. A whole album. Imagine...


“Niall is the band's secret weapon — Modest and Syco believe he has what it takes to become a break out solo star,” a sneaky source, who may or may not be a real, told The Sun.

They added: "He has the songwriting and music talent, good looks and cheeky Irish personality which made him a favourite in the States.

No arguments from us there. So when can we expect to hear this ~beautiful album~ of Irish delight?

"Niall is already back in the studio writing. There's a hit single there too, which will probably be released early next year."