Public service announcement: Niall Horan is on Tinder

races to get phone

Guys, the news we’ve all been hopelessly, desperately, waiting for is FINALLY here: Niall Horan is on the Tinder.

When One Direction were performing for their On The Road tour in Vienna, Liam Payne let slip that Niall was on the dating app.

downloads Tinder and sets radius to 1000km away

Maybe Niall listened to his buddy and notorious ladies’ man Harry Styles.

According to The Sun, Hazza told Niall to “get on Tinder” when he whined about being single. Because if anyone knows whatsup when it comes to getting girls, it's him.

Niall admitted in the past that he WOULD date a fan (obviously he would, he just hasn’t met us yet).

"If the right one came around, anything’s possible,” Niall told Now magazine.

Now plz come back to Australia so we actually stand a chance of you swiping right.