Niall Horan dropped a MAJOR truthbomb about Celine Helene Vandycke

Remember her?

By Amber Manto

Remember a lil while ago when we all thought Niall and Seleenz was totally a thing and we were all like.

Well, we're not the only ones who've never let it go. Chatting with Ryan Seacrest, Nialler said he'd be keen to get a lil Sel love again and wants Ryan to hook it up.

The whole thing started when Ryan said some fans were wondering whatever happened to him and Sel (yeah, sure Ryan "fans"). Anyways, Niall said nothing was going on and he's 100% single.

"I don't have a girlfriend!" Niall said.

"Well, you should rekindle with Selena," Ryan suggested.

Safe to say Niall was on board with this idea: "Sort it out!"

You probs already know all that from yesterday though we just thought we'd refresh your memory. Anyways, here's what you DON'T know and what left us MEGA confused. Niall THEN went on to say he's been single "for about a year."

Wha? Who dis then?


Meanwhile, don't get your hopes up too high for a Nilena OR Niall + Celine revival. Our lil Irish Prince says he likes being a single pringle and besides, when 1D get back together and go on tour he just won't have much time for that sort of thing (you hear that?! Somebody sound the 1D reunion alarms!).

You can listen to the whole interview HERE.