Niall Horan is "weeks away" from signing his own solo deal!

What chu got to say about this one Simon Cowell?

By Bianca Mastroianni

Now that Liam Payne has decided to bReAk AwAY from One Direction and sign his own solo record deal, it looks like NEIL is following closely behind.

A few weeks ago 1D songwriter Wayne Hector hinted Niall was/is definitely working on his own solo music and even said he's "really gifted musically."

Umm, tell us something we don't know? We have all heard Act My Age.

Well now he's apparently getting close to signing an actual solo record deal.

ITV's Lorraine told The Sun: "I can tell you Niall Horan is just weeks away from putting pen to paper and signing a solo record deal. What's interesting, as well, he's going to be the only one that stays loyal to SYCO and Simon Cowell; the company that made One Direction huge superstars."

We mention this, because of the epic shade Simon Cowell threw towards Liam just after he announced his solo record deal with another management company. Ie. not Simon's.

Regardless, we can't wait to see the sort of music Niall will be releasing as a solo artist, and we'll be damned if he doesn't add some Irish jig in one of his albums. PLEZ!

Or maybe, some ~love songs~ about his new BAE Celine Helene Vandycke?! Time will tell.