Niall Horan wore a pair of slightly see-through white pants and the fandom will never recover

Exactly what your Friday was missing.

By Sammy Stewart

In today's edition of things you don't really need to know about but probs should anyway we bring you Niall Horan and his tight, white pants.

Again, just in case you missed it:

What a time to be alive.

The fandom really lost their chill over the snaps...

Now that he's on hiatus, Niall has been spending his days playing as much golf as his little Irish heart desires and recently blessed the crowd at the Irish Open Golf Tournament.

Golf + Niall = #NOLF and we ship it.

Bless his little soul <3

Legend has it if you flick the light switch at 3:07AM and say “golf” three times Niall will appear in his sporting attire.