Niall Horan's new GF Celine Vandycke was spotted getting reallll cosy with another lad

Warning: ridiculous conspiracy theories ahead.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Just last week we celebrated the end of Niall Horan's bachelor life, as he went public with new girlfriend Celine Helene Vandycke.

Fangirls quickly got to work, finding out everything they possibly could about Niall's lucky charm, and even posted an open letter video, pleading to always look after our Irish prince...

Celine has been the first One Direction girlfriend to be welcomed by fangirls with open arms, so when these very ~suss~ images surfaced on a fan Instagram account, people started asking questions about the legitimacy of their lurrrrve.

Yep, here comes another PR relationship theory. Brace yourselves.

Niall went public with Celine Helene on the 12th of July, and the above pic was taken on the 1st and 3rd of July. A couple of weeks beforehand. Hmmm many chin scratches. Clearly, the pics were taken before she was a 1D GF, but she does look pretty ~cosy~ with that guy, and surely Neil was seeing Celine for longer than a couple of weeks before they decided to let the world know...

So, if Celine is in fact a ~fake girlfriend~, what is the purpose of it?!

A). Niall's golf career wasn't gaining him the amount of attention Modest! is happy with...

B). Modest! wants the heat off Louis and Briana's custody battle. Especially since it's turning so ugly, with Briana calling out Danielle (Louis' current GF) on Twitter and all...

C). Louis was ~sort of~ #unconfirmed caught supporting Harry in Dunkirk during filming, which sent Larry shippers into overdrive. Niall having a new GF successfully turned the spotlight onto him and off Louis and Harry...

(UNTIL THIS PIC WAS POSTED not so subtly by Louis.)

There's even proof Niall knew Celine back in 2011, as the boys joked about Niall having a thing for someone named Celine. But this could just prove the two have been friends all this time, and it's only very recently become something more.

Or you know, the photos of Celine could just be her with a good friend a few weeks before going public with Niall. It's not like they're kissing or anything geeeeeeeeez.