Niall Horan's new GF Celine may have a boyfriend on the side...

The fandom has been digging...

By Bianca Mastroianni

The scratching chin emoji has never been more relevant. In fact, we think it might have been created because of this news regarding Niall Horan and his new bae Celine Helene Vandycke.

When news popped up that Niall and this mystery gal were macking on all over the place, us at DOLLY HQ rejoiced that 1D's notorious bachelor had found love.

But, leave it to the fandom to dig realllll deep, and investigate whether miss Celine Helene Vandycke was worthy of our Irish Prince.

The above pictures came out a few days after the reveal, which pointed out that only a few days before her and Niall went public, she was getting cosy as hell with another man. Now, another photo has surfaced... but our suspicion levels are through the roof with this one.

~Apparently~ the photo above was posted on Celine's Twitter, captioned "I present you guys my boyfriend Thomas!!" AND it was posted on the 17th of July... which was only a few days ago.

Fan-girls respectively lost their mind, posting things like "Wait, what? What do u mean Celine isn't paying Niall the attention he deserves?", "WHERE ARE YOU CELINE? I just want to chat..." and "If these rumours about Celine are true I'm crying a river."

Same as us darls.

First off, it's pretty freaking easy to use Photoshop, and taking an old pic of Celine and adding some text above it to make it look like a Twitter post isn't rocket science. We mean, fan-girls hacked into airport security once so... piece of cake really.

Niall and Celine have been spotted twice now, and each time have looked super loved up. Let them live. #Nilene forever.