Watch Nick Jonas get ridiculously shy when asked if he’s dating Lily Collins


Seems that whole Nick dating Lily rumour isn’t going to go away anytime soon. In fact since the whole thing hit the interwebz less than a week ago it’s just been heating up and is now to the point where there may even be some truth to it.

When a reporter from ET asked if he was ~dating~ Queen Lily, Nick did what anyone would do when asked about their maybe-bae, which doesn’t really have a label yet and you're way too shy to talk about cos it's not yet a thing... he blushed. You can actually feel the awks radiating through your phone screen.

It's kinda like when your grandma comes over and asks if you've been seeing any "nice boys" lately, and your mum totally blabs that you've been spending time with <insert boy's name here> and Grandma wants to know more and you're like "MUM, for the love of gahd, plz STAHP talking". Yep, that.

Anyways, Nick totally brushes off the question, gives the peace sign and vanishes into the crowd...

POOF! And Nick Jonas is gone. Have a watch of the clip above and let us know what you think. Clearly dating or just not wanting to add fuel to the gossip? XOXO

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